Up until 16 March 2018, Turkish nationals had the right to start a business in the UK with the ability to settle in the UK after four years, free of charge and without any tests.


On 16 March 2018, the Home Office announced that they will no longer accept settlement applications made under the Turkish Businessperson category, with immediate effect. After leaving 12,500 people in limbo for three months, the Home Office re-opened the settlement route in June with more onerous requirements like five years of residence, hefty application fees and tests. And they are imposing these new rules retrospectively to those already in the category.


Roughly 12,500 people, who moved their families and invested in the UK with the expectation that they would be eligible to apply for settlement in four years’ time, have had that right taken away from them.


We are a group of Turkish businesspeople who have been affected by these changes. We believe applying the new rules retrospectively to existing visa holders is unlawful and extremely unfair.


Our mission is to challenge the retrospective application of these changes on behalf of all Turkish businesspeople. We are currently crowdfunding to launch a judicial challenge.


Alliance of Turkish Businesspeople LTD is a registered limited by guarantee company in England and Wales. Company Number: 11368987